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Mr. Barron, when you scored the gig to direct TMNT did you have any inkling those green guys would make such a massive resurgence decades later? Also, how do you feel your movie compares to the new one (imo Bay's is nowhere near as good or as fun as yours)

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Paris! Happy September... So, just curious: what were the 80's like for you?

Also, original Wonka for life! Take care.

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Peanut butter or almond butter?

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Jason, during the run of WY so many talented actors/actresses had bit parts early on in their careers. Did any immediately impress you as being standouts/future stars?

Also, how hot is Olivia d'Abo. I mean seriously. And does me asking that question make you feel like, "dude, that's my sister"

Take care sir, and thanks for the AMA!