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I think this needs to be a bigger highlight which is being brushed over. The police are clearly trying to smear and assassinate his character — terribly at that. That should be really upsetting to people seeing their police force go out of their way to do things like this. It’s practically legal corruption at work, and no one is talking about how outrageous that was.

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Most likely because it's useful to Adobe. Sort of like how during the peak of pirating, many businesses which focus on enterprise, didn't bother going after college kids stealing software.

The idea behind it is they want people who can't afford the software, to learn how to use the software, thus when they get more money or get into their careers... Their software is in demand since so many people already know how to use it.

This is also why businesses often give out their software free or low cost to college students. They want students learning their software early on, so they demand it later. Microsoft's strategy early on (which Apple eventually adopted) was to give highschools blanket free licenses for all computers because they wanted kids becoming familiar with their interface. Thus "uncomfortable" with using any competitor's.

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She did not, because almost every campaign is in debt by the end.

However, one thing that campaigns do to extract money is pay for things at an exorbent rate. We actually did see this with Clinton (they all do it, but at least we saw it happening through her emails) where they'd "owe" an ally some money so they'd buy a voter call list that's been curated and sold for way over price. But since there is no real stable and known market value for these things, the FEC doesn't count them in their audit. But trust me, at the end of every campaign, the coffers rapidly get depleted, even moreso if they know they will likely lose.

There are also complicated debt balancing tricks they do to extract money, in almost every campaign I've seen... Again, to funnel money to allies. But from what I've seen working in anti-money in politics PACs is it's usually set up like campaign takes on debt from XYZ, then campaign ends, and debt contracts are handed over to the party and then the party pays it off. These people are almost exclusively well established political insiders who just fundraise and in return get paid huge checks from the party. It's how the game is played.

I've also seen it where the contract is for several years, still paying out years after the campaign is over.

This isn't a L vs R issue, it's across parties... Politics is a massive money making industry for everyone involved.

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Well they were looking for more than weed... Weed is all they could get, and obvioulsy it didn't stick. But why the fuck were they serving a warrant on this guy? What on Earth could have convinced a judge they need to force themselves in to take evidence related to crimes he's committed?

Finding only weed just made their silly game look even more silly

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The subscription model makes no difference IMO -- It's just a different pricing model to extract more money from people. It definitely makes it more accessible.

At the end of the day, MOST of Adobe's customers are professionals at an enterprise level. Do you want these young college kids learning to use GIMP? If they do, when they get into the workforce, the startup they work at wont be obligated to pay a ton for Photoshop, because they can use GIMP just fine.

I know why I don't use GIMP, because I was able to pirate Photoshop instead, and I learned how to use Photoshop. Whenever I try to use GIMP, it fucking sucks and I feel like I'm giving myself a headache needlessly starting from scratch.