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This. These people need to know what their actions did to an innocent man. It's one thing to know "Hey, I hid some shit and someone I know spent a long time in prison. Wanna go get some McDonald's?" and another to know that you put someone needlessly in prison.

If nothing else, is this not perjury?

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I had something similar happen. I was working with a local union sheet metal contractor before I had to change careers. We got contracted by a local military defense contractor to refurb the HVAC and ductwork on the first, second, and fourth floors of the building. Before anyone could step foot on the property they had to pass the contractors background check as well as a military background check. Out of 150+ employees only 13 were good to go according to the contractor. But those 13 people still had to pass a military check. So all of us loaded up in a few trucks and went to the local airport because there's a fairly strong military presence there and it was where we were told to go. I passed the check and agreed to work, so I went to work at the military defense contractors building. Ho-lee-shit.

First it was a pain in the ass. They basically paid a guy to tail us like a puppy dog. We only got temp badges and had to go through a whole process to enter and exit. But we finally get to hang duct. Cool. Turns out these paranoid bastards want "burglar bars" in the duct in any wall penetration, floor penetration, or roof penetration. Doesn't matter the duct size, put them in. None of the duct was larger than 16x12, so only a fuckin 10 year old is fitting in it. But they were super paranoid. For anyone wondering, burglar bars are 1/2 bars welded into a frame and then inserted into the duct and welded to the inside of the ductwork to form a grid of about 8 inch squares. It's to prevent people climbing into and through the HVAC system to gain entry like they did in the Home Alone movie.

The whole thing sucked. But it turns out they made some highly advanced GPS and satellite shit that they absolutely did not want us seeing or being stolen. The whole building was basically a Faraday cage by design.

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Maybe they are. I caught my daughter with a stack of them and a few slammers the other week. She said she got them from a friend and thought the game was stupid and I haven't seen them since. My theory is that she lost a few games and lost her stash.

No idea where the kids got them. They looked like original Pogs and slammers though.

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Mr. Mosby, in 2018 I received one of your beautiful canvas artworks for my Reddit Secret Santa. I want to express my sincere gratitude for that. It was an awesome bright spot in an otherwise difficult year. You can't even imagine my surprise when I got home and saw this very LARGE package at my door.

The letter I received with the canvas: https://i.imgur.com/HoxDawo.jpg

The art: https://i.imgur.com/3fsypvw.jpg

I have a couple questions regarding the piece.

First, I wanted to get it insured which means I need to get it appraised. I'll just be honest here, I have no idea if this is even appropriate to ask, but I'll ask it anyway. What would you value this at for insurance purposes? Not for resale. Absolutely not. Follow up question: should I insure it?

Second, how should I care for the piece? I imagine it doesn't need much more than a dusting every now and then, but I worry about light exposure. Should I? It hangs in my living room right above the couch and while it isn't in direct sunlight often, it does get a few hours a day.

I must admit to following you and your work since I acquired your magnificent piece. I also must admit to finding the digital copy of my canvas and saving it to my photos folder.

Please keep doing what you do. It's fantastic artwork.

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So very cool to hear from you and it's awesome to know that print is still on your wall being enjoyed. Truly brought a smile to my face seeing this comment right now.

Awesome! I tried to follow you without being an "internet stalker" in the process. It definitely is still being enjoyed. My daughter loves it so much I'm probably going to hang it in her room and eventually pass it on to her. She has the digital copy as her phone wallpaper.

The print is on archival quality canvas (no artificial brighteners) and made using super high quality inks, and is then varnished to protect against UV damage, so it should not visibly fade for decades even under moderate amounts of sunlight!

This is good to hear. I wasn't even going to hang it because I didn't want to sun fade it. But like my wife said: "He took the time to take the photo, print it on canvas, frame it, and send it to you. Hang the damn thing."

I have to admit, I like art but I'm more into digital art than canvas art. It's basically the only "art" hanging on my walls. But I make sure everyone knows about it when they ask, and they eventually do.

A light dusting is all the maintenance it should require, however if the canvas ever loses tension, you can tap the corner keys (those little things stuck in each corner if you flip it over) further into the frame using a hammer and it will tighten back up. Most canvases never require that, though.

A light dusting with a dry rag is all it has ever gotten and now all it will ever get. Should it ever need tightened, I will (and suggest my daughter does as well) take it to a professional and let them do it.

As for insuring it, it couldn't hurt to add it to a homeowners' or renters' insurance policy, but I wouldn't necessarily go out of your way to get it individually insured. I don't remember the exact dimensions of the piece, but assuming it's about 40" on the long side the full retail value if custom ordered would be in the $600-$800 range.

Full canvas size was 40" height, 24" wide. I'll make sure to include it in my homeowner's policy and send them the requires documentation and photos. When I talked to them (about a year ago) for it, they suggested just adding it to my policy and that having all the documentation that I have with it actually increases value. Surprisingly they HAD heard of you, calling you "the NASA artist". (Shout-out to State Farm for having knowledgeable staff!)

What a wonderful world.

Oh man, I've made so many connections on Reddit. I even hooked back up with the truck driver that plowed into my truck and made me paraplegic. (Not his fault, not my fault. Full story is somewhere recent in my comment history.) Hell, because of Reddit, I hooked back up with a few of my old pals back from the MySpace forums!

Things have definitely gotten better. And now I think of it, it seems to stem from your canvas art. Perhaps you sent me my good luck charm?!