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Hey Sam, let me ask you a question: where’d you grow up?

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I think he’s shorter than Katie, but taller than Zack. The real question is: is he really Keith from Buzzfeed?

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But what was the name of your childhood movie theatre?

In all seriousness tho, you say you’re planning to look at the 10-year horizon rather than the 1-year horizon. I’m a fan of CH, got a Dropout account, drop by the Discord now and then, but what makes you think that there is a 10-year horizon? CH isn’t looking too strong after the double punch, and as much as I’d love to see new content in 10+ years, what makes you, as the CEO, think that that’s a more reasonable possibility than only having a couple years left?

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Those reasons sound as good as any, so, from a true fan, good luck! I hope to be watching Season 20 of Game Changer 10 years from now! And of course, you’ll’ve been there... the whole time