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For those who have been furloughed or laid off, are they finding jobs at all? Are the jobs even close to what they were making prior to COVID?

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Have you made any considerations to putting your games on GOG?

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I think the community would love your games and I haven't shopped on steam in 5 years (I have over 600 GOG games) so if you do get a chance to discuss distribution on GOG I would be pleased.

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/u/zaemz is correct. I run my own servers and services, so getting games DRM free means I have a copy of every game I own for every applicable platform. If my internet is down, I actually have over 600 games I can download and install on any one of my computers.

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Why is it that textbook materials are not open sourced and free like Wikipedia. I understand that there is an industry to create accessible education materials, but isn't it in the interest of the public to provide that to everyone for free? Are there movements within the industry to open up more education materials to students, parents, and teachers?