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Sometimes when i use Wolfram Alpha it uses a technique more advanced than i can currently do. Are their any future plans to add some way to "allow" or "disallow" different techniques?

Ex: Lim x->0 ( ( sinx )/( x2 ) )

In Calculus 1 you do not have L'Hopital's Rule so Wolfram Alpha wasn't very helpful in this situation.

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After we confirm that life exists outside our planet will we stop worrying so much about contaminating it with earth life? By that i mean if we want to colonize Mars at some point we will purposefully contaminate it, when is that point?

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CAL Poly SLO has an incredible aerospace engineering program and, being in California, has close access to NASA and Space X if you were looking to get into that sort of thing or check out California!

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I'm in Differential Equations now and that's what made me think of it. Selecting to solve using Variation of Parameters or Constant Coefficients is huge!

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Where can i find a video of this announcement? Seriously I can't find a video.