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Tar sands development is by no means inevitable. Countless industry insiders have suggested time and again that KXL is VITAL to tar sands development...

A couple resources (there are many more out there): http://boldnebraska.org/study-shows-keystone-xl-crucial-to-tarsands-growth/ http://blog.nwf.org/2013/03/keystone-xl-the-linchpin-for-future-tar-sands-growth/

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thanks! Time to Separate Oil (and poop) and State!

In addition to our federal Dirty Energy Money tool linked above, we've also got the dirt on fossil fuel money flowing to state legislators is 7 key oil-battleground states here: http://states.dirtyenergymoney.com/

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Hi friends. You guys rock! What's your recommendation for what folks NOT in DC can do to support this weeks' events and push for rejection of Keystone XL? (As for me, I'll see ya on the mall later)

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Refineries in the US have a history of environmental racism and damage to their communities. Fenceline communities like those in the Gulf Coast as well as Richmond, California have been fighting to protect their health and communities for years. It's not ok to suggest American refineries are "good" by any means.

Further, the refineries to be fed by Keystone XL if it were built already EXPORT over 60% of their product: http://priceofoil.org/2014/01/31/potential-keystone-xl-refineries-continue-increase-petroleum-product-exports/