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I've not used your product (will check it out) but my main frustration with the free alternatives to Photoshop is that they're too different. The shortcuts and button locations are muscle memory at this point and I'm not willing to learn a new product. Have you made any effort to be as similar as possible to Photoshop? (appreciating that there's a point where you're infringing on IP but I don't think shortcut keys and button locations quite do it)

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The problem is that you probably won't find authentic Mexican food unless you're near the border. Look for a restaurant with a variety of mole sauces, pork cheek, goat meat, maybe some lengua.

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It's clearly ricin poisoning. You're welcome.

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I experienced a pretty bad bounce on landing one time. The pilot quipped something about being so happy to be home he had to land twice.

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To /u/Archduke5 - are the administrators of the orphanage somewhere that you could visit and take photo proof with them? That would probably go a long way.