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Meow listen here... Thank you for taking the time to send meow a question. I meowst say that distrust of police is on the increase, but simply due to the more present nature of social media. Meow, I think most people still appreciate law enforcement and their role and understand there will always be acts that challenge our trust, but these should be put into perspective and judged on their own standing.

Police and law enforcement are ever changing meow, and I think changes to policy because of recent incidents will only increase our trust. I don't think this is a time to be critical, as the mass amount of law enforcement are doing their jobs to a t.


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Federal Probation Officer here. Glad to hear you got off early. 3 years really isn't that terrible in relation to trafficking. Coulda been worse. Best of luck to you on moving forward!

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Quick FYI, I've loved the Thunderbirds since a very early age!

How often do you guys cross paths with other demo teams such as the Blue Angels? Is there a good rivalry involved? Do you have many dealings with other international demo teams?

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