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u/Reuters Not an American, but will media once and for all distinguish between types when reporting? The types are always confused, and when one reads "Diabetes" in media it only means type 2, so all of us other types need to explain non-stop. As someone with such as platform as Reuters, it would be great to help educate people without diabetes and also to address psychosocial stigma associated with all types.

You should also consider cross-posting your question to the type 1 subs at: r/diabetes_t1 and r/Type1Diabetes but check sub rules first.

Just for edification, type 1 is autoimmune. Type 2 is insulin resistance. And there are several more types which are all very different diseases. Please be the first in media to acknowledge this and specify which type. A headline stating "diabetes" and no further explanation is meaningless, and only adds to misunderstanding, outcomes and stigma.

Edit: please see language matters as well regarding terms used for people with diabetes of all types: https://www.languagemattersdiabetes.com/

Edit 2: regarding Covid and any and all research data really, T1 and T2 are almost never distinguished yet we can have very different outcomes. It is impossible to wade through data stating "diabetes" when no reference is made to type.



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Thank you for this and reporting types; it's often a talking point bordering on intense frustration within the type 1 community.

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Do you also ensure when you discuss that the proper name of each type is used? There are people who show up in support groups and actually state they do not know what type they are. If a T1 didn't know what type they had, they'd be dead quite quickly. If only more medical drs would explain as you have been doing, this could help outcomes.

There is much confusion, even amongst people wth diabetes, about the types. I'm speaking as a person with T1 here who has had to explain to people with and without diabetes that my disease is actually autoimmune. On the other hand, I've also had to explain to educators how to bolus for protein. There seems to be little education going around in a few circles and this should be discussed.

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And T3C, and gestational, neonatal diabetes et al. We all get lost in the shuffle. I understand T2's comprise up to 90% of people with diabetes, but our healthcare gets impacted as well if we're not counted nor understood. Including LADA outcomes etc.

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Thanks for all you do! We often hear of poor outcomes with medical staff in our worldwide T1 community and advocacy is so important within this framework.