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drock_davis12 karma

Are you guys still going forward with the arxpax hoverboard tech?

For me personally, that was my main reason for leaving/not really getting into the project as it doesn't seem feasible to create a track/pod around this techonology on the scale we're talking about. Not to mention all of the reliability and 'robustness' issues around integrating prototype tech into something pre-preproduction, regardless of scale.

drock_davis6 karma

Do you have to adapt the track in order of it to work? No.

Hi, thanks for the answer. Re; the quoted, the track is going to have to have a copper (or etc) base for the arxpax engines right?

You don't have to deal with evacuating the track to the degree (or at all, I guess) that you would have to for the compressor based designs.

Which leads me to ask the question that given your system's different relationship with the ambient conditions when compared to the other systems would you guys like to have any track changes during testing? Or would you factor that type of thing into the economic analysis?

drock_davis3 karma

Interesting. Why go with arxpax over existing maglev train technology, like in japan or switzerland?