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drmikehunts45 karma

Is Ghislaine also at risk?

drmikehunts17 karma

who is paying him?

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no. Randy Andy will never be off the hook. There are dozens if not hundreds of girls. This will be a slow burn that can't be extinguished.

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Whoops I've been spelling her name wrong ... Ghislaine lived her life 8n a glided cage with extreme luxury from birth, and would seem her attraction to Epstein was in part based on trying to secure the trappings of wealth that he could provide for her after she was left with little after the death of her father. That being the case, means she is not built for prison. I would think she would do any thing. pay any price to get her arse out of jail. Perhaps the only only way she might be able to do that - or to reduce her sentence - is to co-operate with prosecutors. But to do that that they are going to insist she tells all. To tell all threatens some of the most powerful people in the USA, and across the globe. Which way do you think she will jump?

drmikehunts3 karma

tough question .... how do you feel giselle might think of Epstein now that he is dead and she is left to rot in prison and has to answer not just for her crimes. But his as well? She must be very angry at her current situation ... but does she blame him? A better turn 9f phrase would be - will she still remain loyal to him during her court proceedings?