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but am still passionate about Nano and a hodler

So you base jump and invest in crypto? You must really like the feeling of rapidly falling... :)

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Other than porn soundtracks, what musical genre do you see the Sylphyo best suited for? And have you thought about hiring Kenny G to demo the instrument? If so, don't. Nobody likes Kenny G.

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Just to be clear, Citizens United does not allow unlimited campaign donations. Campaign donations are still capped. Instead, Citizens United concerns a class of spending called Independent Expenditures. This is money that you spend in support of your own preferred candidates and issues.

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Absent a change in position at the Supreme Court, a full repeal would involve changing the Constitution because it concerns a core First Amendment issue. However, there may be room at the periphery for targeted legislation, but that's a political hornet nest. For example, forcing groups to disclose its donors sounds like a good idea, but the ACLU fought against this very thing during the Civil Rights movement. Similarly, you can't target types of groups without pressure from lobbyists to be carved out. Right now, Citizens United applies equally to groups and unions, so you'd have to maintain that balance.