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Did you know the Goldblume (golden Flower) is an edible chrysanth?

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I think so, too. Something is wrong.

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I answered this question for myself like this. The choice was not between healthy me and sick me but between sick me and no me at all.

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it'll only end if the social benefits stop. 90% are not refugees but just illegal migrants into the welfare system. They don't give a fuck about Germany and often despise their hosts for being stupid enough to give away everything for free.

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Interesting - my grandfather who was a German soldier at the Russian front always told me that he never directly shot at a Russian although they were often positioned near enough so that they could look them in the eyes. He also said that the Russians never took a shot at him - it was considered bad manners to try an kill each other off. Sometimes of course, this would happen and then firefights with a lot of dead and wounded would break out. Both sides seemed to want to avoid this. I was never really believed this story but I've heard similar stuff since.

This is a stupid little story to tell in a thread like this - but I'm very impressed with Eva and I don't really have anything more meaningful to add.