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They don't. The best they can do is notify you when something happens. If you are paranoid freeze your credit and unfreeze only when you need a new account.

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Change the orientation of the magnetic stripe reader. If you insert your card the wide way instead of the narrow way it's impossible for a skimmer to read the magnetic stripe.

The main problem with something like this is that everyone is conditioned to insert their card like they currently do. Getting people to change this behavior may not be possible.

The best way is to get rid of magnetic stripes all together and change to chip and PIN.

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I've been doing freelance web development for a few years. Right now I specialize in custom JavaScript and web performance optimization. In the next few months I'll be moving away from freelance and work on growing my business.

I stay up on the latest security issues although I don't do much of it myself professionally, other than making sure the apps I work on are secure.

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DO NOT DO THIS! It's a stupid way of testing cards. Online fraud costs the retailer money since it's card not present. Donating to a charity with a stolen card will cost the charity money in chargeback fees.

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