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Hi there! Lawrence Krauss, you're my favourite theoretical physicist(Don't worry, Richard Dawkins, you're my favourite biologist), your lectures are entertaining and informative, and your cameo on Penn Jilette's show was hilarious! Please consider doing another one! Your humour and enthusiasm makes listening to everything you talk about a ton of fun.

I guess I need a question, however. After Cosmos ended, everyone I know has been craving more. One suggestion put forth, was a rotation of hosts. You, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, and a few others were in my favourite video to share, the "Storytelling of Science" talk, and I think you'd be a fit to host a show, with the personality you put forth in your lectures and panels. My question is: If they approached you, would you do it?

...Also, I'm an animator, so I draw a lot of cartoons all day. Here's one of you, since you're finally doing an IAMA!! Congrats, I've got the Unbelievers waiting for me on iTunes when I get home from work today, can't wait to see it.

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make sure you rub your eyes with lots of buttery lotion, it won't get rid of the scars but it will help get rid of the redness which is half the battle.

source: family members had facial surgery

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same boat as anti-vaxxers only with a "god did it" spin. But if they didn't test for it, their child would become a vegetable, and they'd blame it on the fucking vaccines anyway.

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reddit will downvote people who mention they are girls, try to ignore it the best you can

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totally. My 5th grade teacher brought his. They'll put a bandaid on it :)