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He must be infantry. We do math gooder.

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Can confirm. I went to school with you. You always seemed fairly grounded (as much as any of us were at that age) and never even brought up the Zoom thing. The only reason I found out was because someone told me. I’m glad to see you’re doing good. Good luck with the new job!

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Odd question but have you looked in to the surgery that uses one of your toes as a replacement thumb?

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I earned both the Life Saving Badge and the Wilderness Survival badge in the same summer. During the overnight for the Wilderness Survival badge, we had a sizable black bear walk right through the middle of the camp a few hours after we went to sleep. No one moved and he left everyone alone, but I wasn’t the only one who almost shit his pants that night.

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It was only an overnight. We had to make improvised shelters and whatnot. It’s almost like a simulated ‘I got stuck in the middle of the woods accidentally overnight’ scenario.