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How bad does hemorrhoid banding hurt?

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Thank you for the response. Im getting it done soon. I can be a baby about pain so I'm nervous. My brother just had it done recently and was told to drive himself and he had a hard time getting home. Im not exactly excited to have any work done in my colon, to be honest. But it must be done. My colonoscopy revealed 6 polyps, which I have read is a lot for my age (34). With a family history of colon cancer I feel like im in between a rock and a tough spot.

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I just had my colonoscopy las week. Feel much better that its done than leading up to it. I'm going every 5 years now. Its not so much the discomfort (I have learned to live w it) as I'm affraid that the symptoms of the hemorrhoids will eventually mask symptoms of cancer. Solid advice, thank you.

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It would take a LOT of blood to freak me out. Ive been dealing for a long time. Good to know tho

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Oh I am for sure opting out of surgery. No way on that one. Sorry you had to go through that.