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Given the size of Liberland, would you restrict land sales to prevent the monopolization (or oligopolization) of the country's real estate?

How, if at all, will negative environmental externalities be addressed?

Would education be provided to children whose families cannot pay for it?

Would you allow people to sell themselves into slavery? How about sell their organs?

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And House was Sherlock Holmes with medicine. This is just going full circle.

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Read this question, and thought, "hey, that is a very thoughtful question!" And then I looked at the username and all was made clear

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No, indeed.

But hey, I got a Controversy Cross out of it.

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What sort of accountability mechanisms, if any, would these privatised public goods providers have?

Additionally, would these services be free or paid for by citizens? Where would the money come from if the former, and how would free riding be addressed if the latter?