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“I began practicing medicine before CT and MRI. Modern imaging is easily one of the most exciting developments I have witnessed. However, it can come at a cost. While imaging studies are a great resource, doctors should be careful not to solely rely on imaging studies and I emphasize the importance of taking a thorough patient history to fully understand the clinical picture.”

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“I believe the keys to a happy and healthy life are everything moderation, no cigarette smoking, and having no hate in one’s heart. I also believe that retirement is the enemy of longevity, but understand that some people do not have the luxury of working in a job that provides satisfaction. Keeping your mind active, whether that be through work, a hobby, or volunteering can do wonders.”

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“This is a real problem and is unfortunate. If you are not satisfied with your provider or the care you are receiving, you have every right - and should - request a referral to another provider.

While I am not actively treating patients in a hospital setting at the moment given the recent closure of my last hospital’s unit, if a patient ever said to me, “you know, Dr. Tucker, I would prefer another opinion from a younger neurologist,” I may not agree with their reasoning, but I would certainly refer them to receive a second or even third opinion - I would never dismiss them. You as the patient have every right to be heard. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes two or even three doctors to find a caregiver you are satisfied with.

That being said, I would not advise seeking numerous opinions from multiple doctors if you are looking for a diagnosis you “like.” If you respect and trust the physician(s) that are treating you and feel all of your concerns have been addressed and nothing has been missed, you can usually feel comfortable with what they are telling you.”

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“For medical students and neurology residents, I would emphasize the one controlling medicine they should know by heart is a specific medication for status epilepticus (seizures that continue at the interval of at least one every four minutes). It is important to know how to save the brain from as much hypoxia or oxygen deprivation as possible.”

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“Engaging socially and keeping the brain active, whether through work, a hobby, volunteering, or taking a class on a topic you enjoy, is critical as we age. The mind must be stimulated and exercised like a muscle. When you stop stimulating your brain, research has shown there may be an association with an increased risk of cognitive decline. I am not suggesting everyone follow my path and continue working into their 70s, 80s, and 90s, but I cannot stress enough the importance of staying engaged and stimulating the mind.

Stress is the nature of our profession. Good stress will keep us on our toes and help us to perform our best, but as you noted, too much stress can lead to burnout and less favorable outcomes for our patients. I believe choosing to enter a specialty or profession in which you are passionate about can greatly help with stress. While it certainly will not eliminate the stress completely, doing something you love gives you purpose and helps to ground you during stressful moments. I would also like to emphasize the importance of finding a balance in your personal and professional life. Continue to build strong friendships and relationships, both inside and outside of your work. Having a support system, and even knowing you have the support system in place, can greatly reduce stress.

Great question!”