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How do local Wuhan residents treat the ill? Meaning, for example, if you're at the grocery store and you see someone coughing or wheezing, is that person simply avoided? Do people call the authorities to report suspicious illness? Is the overall attitude one of nervous paranoia, or are people remaining hopeful and helpful to one another?

Thanks for doing this AMA! I'm just very curious about what it'd be like emotionally to be living behind the quarantine wall

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2500??? That's a yikes

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I'm doing a concert at my house tonight for Thanksgiving dinner. Anyone is welcome to play music at my house but it will cost $2000 (a good deal) and you'll also have to wear a diaper (no bathroom breaks allowed or I send you home)

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Apparently I need to be making web-based tools.... Dibs on the the freeware browser version of premiere/after effects!!

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I had to Google ABDL and noped the fuck right off that search page. I'll go back to my original assumption that it stood for Amazing Big Dicked Lesbians