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First I want to say your chat with Louis CK with Comediansincar... was lovely. It was really "human" something odd in modern times. Maybe not the most original question over here but are you planning to drink a coffee with Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

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Which was your favorite dream-scape or hallucination to inhabit? Which was more scary? Mads seems like a nice guy, does he stay in character or are you both tempted to laugh sometimes?

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  • How/Why did you pick Kate Upton?
  • Do you have any topic which is off limits?
  • Are there any joke that ended on film you regret?

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Hi Bill, I just want to thank you for the 99 Luftballons scene and ask you which was your weirdest and funniest "dream" you came up with?

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Noone stays in character except perhaps Scott Thompson

That's awesome!