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iirc in the previous AMA the OP explained it was indeed more about the fact that he wouldnt't just pray more to 'fix' the problem and asking for medicine instead of just having faith.

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Yes, they doubted that I was praying to God for relief... and I actually wasn't at the time... because I was so intent on finding the cause of my back pain and shoulder pain, I was spending an enormous amount of time researching it.

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I'd just like to throw in my experience with these wilderness therapy programs, and I hope you don't take this as trying to invalidate your points. My brother was is a drug addict, and was enrolled in one of these programs. I can personally vouch that the program helped him turn his life around. He wasn't enrolled for nearly a year, and maybe it would be harder being there for that duration, but they also had to do a lot of the things you mentioned. I can personally say that I saw a real change in my brother after he came back. He was off drugs, had gained weight, and looked healthy. It was one of the most emotional times of my life when I talked to him after the program. I can't describe how good it felt to have my brother back, the one I remember before he started his substance abuse.

I'm not a therapist at all but I think sometimes these programs make the mistake of removing the person from a support group. We were allowed to write to my brother while he was in the program(they would only receive letters at certain points), and he said that the letters were definitely something that helped him. I've heard some programs completely isolate people and I think that's not necessarily helpful to recovery. The best thing for a recovering addict is to have a support network that he can rely upon. I also think some of these programs fail in regards to using the wilderness as a prison instead of using it as an inspirational tool. I think this is where your program failed. My whole family including my brother is very "outdoorsy", and I think that may be a reason these programs worked for him. When we talked about it I realized that he and I share the same love of the wilderness, and before you go off and say that it's different living for a year completely away from civilization, realize that I have spent an extended period of time in the wilderness, and have spent more than a year in the wilderness although not continuously, but I have spent more than 3 months, and everyday I was backpacking as you described. I think this is really where these programs fall short. Some people, and I hope you don't me saying this and I realize I don't know you, just flat out don't like nature. I think that's ok, I admit I don't understand it, but it's ok. I think that's the problem some kids have in these programs, that they're in an environment they hate and in turn develop a negative attitude and spiral into a cycle of just hating everything about where they are.

I realize this is a AMA and I'm sorry I didn't ask a question, I just really wanted to share that there are people that these programs do work for. It was difficult to write this because of these emotions because my brother was one of those people so I'm sorry if at times this was rambling of didn't make a lot of sense.

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https://wagwalking.com/ i think. Should have more info.

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You would be using strangers money to support your ex who talked some horrible shit to you in hospital?

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Is your caregiver a profesional like a hired nurse / assistant or is it maybe family or a friend? I am not sure if i understand correctly that you actually need assistance to, for example, live on your own. If this is too detailed / personal then nevermind :)
Thanks for doing the AMA.