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It's the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat. Also personality, which you've got, from reading your comments. :)

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While there's still fat there, I'm pretty sure you lost it in proportion to the other fat you lost, otherwise, you'd have a big bulge in the pants that was just your pelvic mound fat.

I lost about 60 lbs maybe 2 years ago and only recently realized that my pelvic mound fat decreased after wearing yoga pants recently and realizing my camel toe wasn't as pronounced hahah

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I'd seen your cartoons before and love them much, but never thought to match the creations to the face of the creator. For some reason, I had pictured a blonde viking looking man, but that must be because of the language in some of the videos I've seen (Swedish?) Anyway, I was wondering, what is your creation you are proudest of? What do you hope to achieve still?

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I've seen some pictures of you, and you're really flexible! How did you achieve this? Were you born bendy or did you work hard at it? Do you do gymnastics? How can I acquire this bendy skill too?