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Your American accent has been recieving a lot of praise lately. It's uncanny. So my question is, you makin' fun of us, Radcliffe?

But seriously, how did you perfect your American dialect? Are there any particular words or sounds you still find tricky? As a yank, it's fascinating to imagine affecting a dialect that sounds so neutral to my ears. Keep up the great work!

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Mr. Burton,

Between Reading Rainbow and Captain Planet, you made an indellible impact on my childhood. Thank you for the (gap-toothed) smiles!

My question is this:

You seem to be highly selective about the roles you take. Did the environmentalist overtones of Captian Planet play a large role in your decision to provide the voice of Kwame?

Also, thanks for doing those cameos on Community. Nothing looks better on celebrity than self-awareness.

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Mr. Goldblum,

When I consider your work, I can think of no moment I find funnier than the following, from the Life Aquatic:

"What's your dog's name?"



"Be still, Cody."

How do you approach an acting job when it requires you to be so mean?

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No way, where at?

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Yeah, holy shit. I'm always baffled when I think about the extra challenges that shooting schedules create for actors. It's like, hey, not only do we need you to step into the skin of a completely different human being, but you're going to have to portray them at different points in their development, out of chronological order. I have a headache just imagining it.