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Couldn't split up Tango and Cash.

BTW- Was Kyle Quit the Band based on truth? Did Jack serenade you to get you back?

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My wife left it up to me and I opted not to circumcise our son even though I am and I believe most if the rest if his cousins are. The main reason is that a baby cannot consent and it is a procedure which doesn't convey an immediate apparent benefit.

If he ends up with phimosis or opts to have it removed we will be glad to pay for the surgery. I just want him to make that call.

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She will not only side with him, she will expose her gargantuan harpy talons and ravenously descend from the bench to claw out the eyes of the defendant, cackling as she rubs the blood on her ample bosom.

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I can't listen to you much any more because Recovering the Satellites was such an emotional album that I heard in such an important time in my life. Its like smelling a smell that takes you back to a specific place in time. Too evocative.

Was there something different about that album in the writing/recording for you?

You're a masterful artist in a fantastic band. Thanks.

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I have had this all my life. Most of the time I can ignore it.