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There are a lot of smart people working on cures around the globe. We need to support them - now and after this crisis passes - with funding. Maybe coronavirus will be a lesson, for humanity in general, and the U.S. in particular, that the war on science and medicine has contributed to the extent of this pandemic. Support candidates who believe in science - whether it's in regards to the coronavirus or climate change - and vote out people who defund the sciences, education, etc.

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I think those dates will be extended as this crisis unfolds and the true costs and burden emerge.

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It certainly sounds like not ideal circumstances. I would keep advancing your concerns up the administrative ladder.

We have isolated an entire floor in our main hospital (ICU and floor beds) for coronavirus and have dedicated specific ORs for them if they need surgery. We are reserving our N95 and PAPRs only for confirmed Covid-19 cases, because otherwise we will run out. (Apparently Columbia University has run out of masks because they used them all up in the first 4 days due to huge volumes of suspected Covid-19 patients).

I would certainly be persistent with your concerns until changes are made. Good luck, and stay safe - hand hygiene with soap and water is still your best defense.

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It's more infective and more lethal. Its prodromal (before you see symptoms) period is very long (14 days or longer). It can stay viable on surfaces for up to 3 days. It can linger, alive, in the air, for up to hours. It was completely dismissed by the upper echelons of this government and certain segments of the media for weeks.

For these reasons, this virus is much more deadly that the other diseases you listed.

Edit: it is also very lethal.

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Hi folks, I've answered a bunch and need to take a break. I'll try and be back in a bit. Thank you for your questions, and please, please, please, STAY THE FUCK HOME!