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THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that causes a high. What causes different strains IE Indica vs Sativa to produce different sensations and types of high. Also how does the method of use, ingested vs smoked change the feeling of the high?

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Haven't had time to watch the video, but from other comments it sounds like you were mostly carrying people's stuff up to base camp?

I have considered doing a base camp trip, it's on my hiking bucket list.

So I guess I have a few questions:

1) Is the base camp trip worth it, or are there other lesser known treks in the region with similar difficulty but perhaps less crowded/commercial?

2) I assume I don't have any control over how much money the sherpas on my trek make, unless I just slip them some money on the side. You want to raise awareness of their plight, but how can I as a tourist wanting to make the trek help them? Are there any outfits that actually pay them better than others?

3) One of the things that has held me back is the sense that booking a trip online to go to base camp seems very touristy, and you wouldn't really get a feel for the place/people/culture. What would you suggest for someone looking to go hiking in this region to get a less touristy more authentic experience, short of quit my job and becoming a sherpa like you did?

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Governor Polis. I voted for you and have been very supportive of almost everything you have done as our governor thus far.

I was also very pleased at your fast response in issuing stay at home orders towards the beginning of the virus outbreak. Your press conferences have been very informational uplifting and positive

However I cant understand why you chose to remove the stay at home order when you did. We were one of the first states to remove the stay at home order, right after GA and even the president said GA opened too soon.

I realize we cant stay locked down forever, but given how few tests have been done in our state (not blaming you for that but we are in the bottom half in terms of testing) it seems like a rash decision and a 180 from your early response to the virus.

I would like to know what your thought process was in making the decision to begin reopening so early compared to most other states. It seemed to come right on the heels of some of the protests downtown, did that factor into your decision?

I know we are still under safer at home but a vast majority of Coloradans dont seem to care. I had to leave the house today for the first time this week and traffic was about like it is on a normal Saturday. The hardware store was jam packed with people and only about half were wearing masks.

It would be nice if all Coloradans would choose to be safe without an executive order forcing it but the reality is our state is just as full of idiots as the rest of the country, and those idiots jeopardize all of our health and safety. Why put the health and safety of the state in the hands of people who clearly dont care about their own health and safety or that of those around them when you have the authority to force them to stay home or at the very least wear masks in public?

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Do you know how much testing is being done currently and if it has been consistently increasing?

While the number of cases is decreasing in terms of percentage of new cases per day, it would be nice to know if that is because the actual number of cases is dropping, or if we simply aren't increasing the amount of tests we are doing.

If the number of tests being done per day is not increasing, then that reduction in percentage could be misleading.

For example if we did 1000 tests per day and 100 came back positive when we were at at 1000 cases, that would be a 10% increase.

If we did 1000 tests per day and 100 came back positive when we were at 5000 cases, then that would only be a 2% increase.

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Are there any legal limits to the amount of product that you can have in stock/grow? How are you planning on meeting the incredible demand that we have seen so far?