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dragonfliesloveme43 karma

So at the end of the documentary, where it shows Bob lying on the bed with his eyes closed after he had taken the meds and the camera pans to the angel pictures, then out the window...how long after he had taken the meds was that? Do you know if he was “sleeping” (in the process of dying) or was he actually deceased at that point?

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Yeah and his “spaceships” were Boeing 737s or something 😂😂

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So you mean boys can't get it from you, because you are male? You got it from your mom, so females can pass it to both sexes, but males can only pass it to females?

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Is that in-between time like being in a coma such that the person can still hear what is going on around them?

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Great movie! I've seen it a few times, and you're right, it is always funny, doesn't get old.