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I've been there in that dark hole that post concussion syndrome can bring. Just the same as you with a history of concussion. It took me nearly a year to get back to school and even then with some semblance of thought finding difficulties. My oh shit moment was when i had work home from school and found that the biology homework i had thought i'd done well in turned out to be a string of grammatically correct nonsense. But in my case as I hope will be in yours I overcame it. My only lasting effects are Migraines which are well controlled with medication. From being a school girl who had given up due to the hell of PCS, i've now just got my Masters degree, a wonderful partner who understands there are just somethings i cant remember and a happy life. I truly wish the same things can happen to you! You can Win!

If you need a friend to talk to i'm here. Also do you feel that this is going to be with you forever? if you do my situation should give you some hope!

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What caused you to decide to put your time and effort into this project? After all there are thousands of lawyers and only a small proportion would become involved in something like this.