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These are serious questions, not intended to throw hate at all as I'm sure there is a place for this type of tech somewhere.

Why do you think that self driving cars are a necessity on American roads? Do you truly intend for this tech to replace people, many of which have been driving for decades? And how do you intend to make this work when people are still out there driving as they have always been for over 100 years, with reflexes and plain simple common sense(for the most part) that have evolved over this same time frame? Do you honestly think this co-existence can happen without some major issues? Thank you for at least reading this.....

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I genuinely hope for the safety part, for real. Thanks again for talking about it with me, it's appreciated!

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Boats and cars are entirely different things, from where they work to who works them. Cars/trucks are by their very nature vehicles driven and controlled by humans who are forced to follow certain rules in order to drive safely on roads not exactly in optimal condition to allow for the safest travel sometimes. And said humans do not always follow said rules...actually most simply ignore them. Can you make tech that can replicate this behavior? Tech has it's place, and I'm sure this will work eventually, but I for one would not like to look out my window doing 70 mph or faster, and see no one driving the car next to, in front of, or behind me. This is not natural and it WILL cause issues. I am not saying in any way shape or form that this is a bad idea, it's just going to be a VERY bumpy road, with lots of accidents (some fatal of course) getting to the end zone here and I'm of a majority who think this is too soon to do this. We simply aren't ready for it. There are already idiots who are abusing the tech that's already here (sitting in the back seat whilst their cars drive themselves......can you get any more idiotic??) and if you think it's going to get any better in the short run, well you're just deluding yourself. Here's to hoping that the creators of the next generation of this tech truly understand that this isn't ready for prime time and they work really hard to make sure both the auto makers and more importantly the general public are ready for this.

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Chris: Firstly, thank you for answering me, it really wasn't expected.

I never once mentioned the impact this will have on jobs...don't get where you got that from. Of course folks will lose their jobs, that's a given whenever corporations are trying to make more profit over creating new jobs, just look at Amazon for that result (low wages, lousy working conditions, etc....no improvement at all in fact quite the opposite), but that's not the issue I'm having with this. The issues I'm seeing are more based on how the general public will deal with driving with essentially robots right along side of them. How will these robots handle say a deer cutting in front (or right into) them? Most accidents that are fatal in the US are caused by animals like deer doing their best to try and kill us, not a joke meant there at all. As a survivor of many such encounters over my 40 plus years of driving I can say there is no one way to deal with such an encounter. Can you really say that you've figured out a way to do this better than a human? This is the point I'm trying to make here, no way are your autonomous creations going to react with the same reflexes as a person during these crisis situations. This is me simply being the same practical person I've always been, and I've never had a traffic accident involving another human in my life. I'm considered a good driver and have driven cross country dozens of times putting hundreds of thousands of miles behind me. I've seen folks do the stupidest things on the road...and common sense isn't the name of the game here. Can you seriously think that a computer, no matter what you feed into it, can react like a person in these situations? I'm not going to change the way I drive to accommodate a robot next to me and I know no one else will either. You've got one heck of a rocky road ahead of you, I wish you luck, and I also wish all the luck in the world to all of the poor folks who drive daily who have to be your guinea pigs, whether they like it or not, in getting this to work....