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That is pretty typical and why my parents told me to never even give my first name to a Scientologist. They were right.

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"It's a valid human state." That is a profound statement, thank you.

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To be fair, the History Channel ruined the History Channel.

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National monument designations are incredibly valuable, so President Trump shouldn’t be questioning them.

Good grief I sure hope that's not your legal argument.

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You're right, inattentive-type ADHD, which is so common in women, flies way under the radar. I have one daughter (9) how has pronounced ADHD (very hyperactive) and it was obvious from toddlerhood. Her older sister, now 12, is only getting diagnosed with the IT-ADHD this year. We really couldn't detect it until last year, and even then it was mild. Now that puberty has come it has expressed more clearly and she is struggling...but now we know and we're helping!

So many girls are falling through the cracks because it's so quiet. I'm glad you got diagnosed, even in late teens!