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That is pretty typical and why my parents told me to never even give my first name to a Scientologist. They were right.

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"It's a valid human state." That is a profound statement, thank you.

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To be fair, the History Channel ruined the History Channel.

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National monument designations are incredibly valuable, so President Trump shouldn’t be questioning them.

Good grief I sure hope that's not your legal argument.

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I don't know if Gray will read this, but I am humbled by your strength and positive disposition. Thank you for writing this as well, I am a mother of a child with some learning differences and I was dismissed early on by 2 pediatricians for feeling something wasn't quite right with my daughter. I pursued evaluations starting at 3 years old and even those were sort of dismissed because she was so young. Now at almost 7 she's in a special school which is helping her cope with her challenges.

So yes sometimes it takes time to figure things out, but it takes even longer when the medical profession is dismissive. Listen to your patients, even if it becomes tedious. We need you to.