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That sounds like the bacteria talking.

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calculations show it is possible for them to put meteorites on the ground. - BC

So how would you describe the chances of successfully catching a Tuarid meteorite with a baseball mitt?

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Well that seals it for me, I'm going to start snorting penicillin. I'll kill those bacteria and free my mind from their control. But, now that I think about it, what if some of the bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, and they are the ones planting the idea in my head to begin with...their goal is to wipe out all the other bacteria that could be fighting against them. Ohh, they are sneaky bastards those bacteria, still, I'm going to have to snort something.

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I notice no mention of children. It's difficult to pull up roots and transplant yourself into a new life when there are kids involved. At least if you like them.

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What's your take on Chris Dorner?