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Do you believe in the idea of the astral realm? How would that relate to DMT for you? Is it something completely different to project your astral body to a metaphysical dimension, rather than introduce a chemical to the brain and be pulled to a space more lively, active? I guess my question is, in your opinion. Are they two different spaces/planes/dimensions of existence? Or one in the same, just a different branch of the fractal

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Hey thanks man , that gives me a lot to think about. I’ve definitely thought of the first thing you referenced. I had an experience where it felt like I went up and my energy or spirit body or whatever had a counsel with all of my roommates and it was talking to their spirit bodies/ energies / etc. it felt as you said more real than real in the experience I could hear my buddy yelling back at me and feel everyone’s tension watching it unfold. However after coming back down I realized it was more than likely not that that actually happened. But that my mind was able to put together that scenario of conversation, much like I do all the time in my normal life just from a different perspective. However, I don’t see either one of those experiences as being the true scenario that played out. I think it’s all a grey area. But it doesn’t matter, what matters is the lesson learned not whether or not the experience really happened