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Teacher here. I have a question for you. What is being done to combat grade inflation in struggling school districts? I've had a lot of colleagues whose principals would force them to pass students that did no work and turned in no assignments all year. They would punish teachers that tried to enforce a real academic standard, including failing students who never did any work. The principals did this because a higher graduate rate made them look better.

This phenomenon makes it all but impossible to have any serious level of academic standard in your classroom in such a school. Is anything being done about this, or is this another issue to which a deaf ear is being turned?

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I bet the guys who stormed Normandy Beach were scared too, but they did it anyway. Good luck brother!

Nothing scared the Germans more than confident, good looking soldiers who weren't afraid of rejection.

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Judging from that answer, I don't think she does.

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so tim horton's?

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That was a pretty good comeback, Zack. Nicely done.

Edit: He said "You're a 'glass is half empty kind of person, aren't you '"