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As someone who is adamantly against the current system in place and the types of sentences that are handed down I'm genuinely curious. Is there something other than prison that would have "worked" to "reform you" and stop you from ever driving drunk again or is prison what it took?

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Thanks for the answer!

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What is the preferred vodka to drink over there? What is the top shelf vodka?

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With streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon, along with the rise of Bollywood, do you think the movie industry is becoming less of a monopoly? Or are these efforts being swallowed up by Hollywood.

One has to admit that the move into production is reminiscent of when Netflix first came out and Blockbuster refused to adapt. Could this slowly dismantle Hollywood as we know it?

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What's your end goal here? Are these reports just "sticking it to the man" or are you optimistic that shedding light onto the situation will bring change. If so, what change are you hoping for?