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Hi! Thank you for working on this amazing project that seemed psychotic when I first heard of it, then I came around once I read Elon's paper on it.

Will there be seats with seatbelts? Or open seats and standing room? Will there be pods for vehicle transportation? One of the reasons I don't take long distance trains is I have to get to the station then leave the station in something (taxi, uber, rental car), and that something gets pricey and time consuming. Will there be zip cars, or similar, incorporated into this transportation 'system'?

For stops mid-route the pod goes off into another small loop so the main loop stays open for through traffic. How do you seal air between these loops? Or do you not need to?

Can you please make it nice? All public transportation makes me feel like dirty herd animal.

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Assigning a new name to a region doesn't mean that all history up to that point is erased. People have lived, and societies have existed, in that region for 1000's of years. How ignorant can you be?

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I agree with you completely. But why in the hell is Syria one of these "less developed" countries? I'll tell you why, because they can't get their shit together. They've had people and resources for 1000's of years yet they still have a shitty and weak country.

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It's not shocking to want to flee, its just cowardly and short-sighted to actually do so. Stay and fight for your country.