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I actually had a scarily similar situation. At 11 I fell off a golf cart and landed on the street, knocked out for two minutes and ended up having an acute subdural hematoma. I lost almost complete memory of the year before and after that accident (looking back now) and has some fairly marked personality changes. I've got a bit of trouble with long term memories and I developed a stutter but otherwise am alright (at least now, I'm only 21. Long term effects look scary...). Your son definitely has age on his side, but do watch him closely

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Did you ever get that checked out? I went into the ICU for three days and nearly died from brain bleed, very lucky to have gotten out without more major damage

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What's your biggest complaint about the implants you're currently using? As someone who is looking to get involved in the field in a few years time, the biggest complaint I've come across with the actual functionality of the implants is slow response time, something I'm working exceptionally hard on figuring out optimization paths for. Do you find similar lag between trying to move and the movement actually happening?

Stories like yours are why I want to work in this field. You're an inspiration to us all - stay strong!

edit: I seem to have misunderstood, your implants seem to be button controlled (from your comment here) so my comment about input lag isn't necessarily relevant.

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As someone who had 7 diagnosed concussions and at least two more undiagnosed across my sports career (including one resulting in an acute subdural hematoma, almost killing me), thanks. We need more protection out there so accidents like me don't happen any more.

Is there intended to be some sort of 'alert' when acceleration reaches a certain threshold that would denote a concussion? Or is the device simply a passive data collector?