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There is a bug currently in the console, if you try to "Add Container definition" with a small screen (13 inch laptop), the window to add the container is too low, and we cannot access the buttons to complete the form. I have send feedback but haven't heard back.

What's the best way to feed that back and get it fixed?

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@jeanqasaur: Love your blog - thanks - keep it going even once you've graduated!. I'm curious about your views on Rust?

@ilar769: Views on current state of distributed DBs? Specifically RethinkDB, Oracle RAC, and other in that space... Also any chance of having nodes rejoining painlessly (regadless of which DB) in practice?

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Multi-container Docker environments for Beanstalk

Wow! How did I miss this:


If you're going to use ECS anyway, are there any advantage to Docker in Beanstalk rather than ECS?

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Is there a way to get the cluster to scale on demand, à la beanstalk?

If not, any plan for the the near future?