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Sounds JUST like Baltimore. Arresting "youth" in Baltimore is a total joke. They're given a slap on the wrist and are back on the streets committing crimes in a matter of days or weeks. And they know this so they're not at all afraid of the consequences of being caught.

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And superhuman determination and dedication from your family. I dated someone who was an Olympic athlete. The amount of dedication from not only the athlete but the family is absolutely insane. Literally almost every decision the athlete and the family make has to keep the sport in mind. Going out of town? You need to be available to take a random drug test on short notice. Get sick? You better analyze every label of every medicine you may consider taking for banned substances. It's absolutely crazy.

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How do you manage the financial aspect? Health insurance is costly plus sending a bunch of packages for restocking adds up as well.

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There is a small epidemic of fakes,

If by small you mean a majority, then I agree. Have you noticed most "service" animals walking around? They're not even remotely close to being properly trained as a pet, much less able to actually perform a specific function reliably.

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Given the political climate you have zero chance of winning on a platform focused on UBI. Democrats and Republicans alike would label you things like a communist. Maybe something like this would work in 2040 or beyond but in 2020 it’s not happening. If you think your platform could work in 2020 you lack the intellect necessary to be president. If you have the intellect necessary to be president you already know this. I have a hard time believing this is anything more than a money grab.

Prove me wrong. What do you actually plan on doing with campaign contributions?