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Hi Andrew!

How's the chemistry between you and Benedict in real life? Do you get along well?

If you possibly have time for some more questions:

  • During the filming of the theft of the royal jewels scene, did you actually get to break the glass?

  • What was your favourite moment throughout the entire series?

P.S. You were an excellent choice for Moriarty, absolutely perfect. Cannot wait for the next season!

EDIT: What an AMA! :D Thank you for sticking around for the whole hour and actively answering questions! \s

Rather than it being an opportunity to reach out to fans, it seems it was just a mere attempt to gain exposure for his movie. Post got to the top of front page, everyone now sees his movie title for a ages but barely any questions answered. Almost like a free ad spot.

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This is awesome, did you make a lot of $$$ from it?

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SE2E01 SE5E01 SE7E01

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