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It's unusual as far as shootings go.

  • It was a pair of shooters

  • They'd constructed a bomb to kill far more people than they planned to shoot

  • Pre-9/11

  • Took place during the Assault Weapons Ban

  • There was lots of video evidence

  • They both talked about committing murder a TON in class and out of class

  • Obtained their weapons via straw purchase and other illegal means

There was a lot of thought and planning that went into the event, but thanks to the stupidity of the shooters, none of their bombs were effective. Hundreds could have died.

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And it isn't like we are required to take the exact same training every year. After the fifth time you take it, you can't avoid actually knowing the material.

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That sort of data analysis is basically my job. NPR has had some very thought provoking pieces.

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Is that 366 shootings that had police or SROs on site?

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Been there five years. OMB and the CBO are always on our asses.