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The Canadian Government keeps track of animal populations and issues hunting tags to prevent overpopulation which could lead to environmental damage down the road. Eg. An explosion in the seal population could endanger certain species of fish which other species of animals may also need to survive.

What should be protested is not the fact that baby seals are being hunted, but instead, how they're being hunted.

It's incorrect and downright manipulative to claim that they're only being killed for their fur.

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Why are so many start ups these days naming their company "...ly" ?

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What do you imagine/hope the average North Korean would do with the USB key full of information?

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who the f* is unidan?

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No this is wrong. Blink7377 was right. And I know technically it doesn't make sense.

In manufacturing, design, and engineering, high tolerance means more accurate.

Source: I work in manufacturing