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Who's cooler......Clifford the Big Red Dog or Caillou?

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Perhaps Dan Savage could answer this better, but I'll ask anyway. What's the deal with male (prostate induced?) anal orgasms?

Also, is it true that regular prostate milking will help prevent enlarged prostate down the road?

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wow! I had now idea about the nerve pathways thing......awesomely informative answer, thanks!

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Dude you were way cute in the before picture! Do you feel that you're out of the weeds now, or do you think you're like......"one tragedy away" from getting back into it? By that I mean, are you afraid something might trigger it to strike you again or do you feel like you've got it beaten?

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Sometimes I see women in my city that are super skinny......look anorexic to me anyway. Is there a way, as a complete stranger, to approach them and express my concern? Or is that just totally inappropriate and possibly make the situation worse?