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Go to your doctor. I find that sometimes I can go and it's like I haven't been for an hour, although I let out a full load five minutes ago. There is also a small chance that a bit of pee comes out when I'm not expecting it, I don't full on wet myself, but still it's not pleasant. (Or fun to admit.)

Part of it is nice as it's been diagnosed, I'm not just crazy or have a weak bladder. There are tablets you can try but I'm going back to my gp to try something else as I found they didn't work and made me dizzy.

The bathroom shouldn't rule your like either. Get it checked out.

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How does that effect you, not just physically, but the mentality of it. I have an overactive bladder, which means I can go to the toilet up to 20 times a day. The bathroom rules my life, I can't imagine having the urge to go, but not being able to. How does it feel when you've had the dialysis?

Edit: Just to say I know how it feels to need to go but not a lot come out, it's one of the bladder things. I mean how would it feel for nothing to come out, and knowing that you wouldn't be able to have a full stream.

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What are your opinions on Lili Elbe and their attempts back then? Do you think it paved the foundation for the procedure now or was it a futile attempt and only through other transplants that it could be attempted again?