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donttalktome12344 karma

Would consumers be better off if the NBN did end to end sales?

Is the illusion of competition worth the extra costs lumped onto consumers to pay for it?

donttalktome12342 karma

Every time I've reached out to Aussie Broadband for support it has needed to be escalated to the NBN. So aside from providing someone with an Australian accent you are not really providing anything above and beyond.

And there is no competitive pressure. My understanding is that all the resellers are just that, resellers. The NBN makes available plans A,B and C. Resellers mark them up and re sell them.

The resellers need to buy and maintain some limited infrastructure but much like your advertising department why should consumers be burdened with duplicate and unnecessary bureaucracy and costs that add nothing of value. Generally that sort of waste is the provenance of governments.

If the NBN were itself providing the end to end service wouldn't prices to consumers be considerably cheaper?