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9/10 times if a victim has had the courage to report their rape to the police it’s the police that convince them not to move forward. They gaslight the fuck out of victims, “Did you do/say something that may have communicated consent?”; “Are you sure?”; “You said you invited him over?”. Police do this all the time and not only with rape cases.

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When do you think “Covid-free” islands in the Pacific will open up to travel?

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Booked for the Cook Islands in November. I don’t expect the islands to be open by then. With the limited medical resources and older populations of the smaller islands, it would be very hard to open without a vaccine and viable treatments.

We seem so far from vaccines or treatments. Sadly, I can’t see them opening until 2021 at the earliest. I’m happy that their government is being so protective of their people.

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Detectives/officers have a tough job. However, they can ask tough questions while still being supportive and reassuring to the victim. “I want you to know that we’re taking this very seriously, however I need to ask you some hard questions.”

They don’t do that. They often times are asking “tough” questions because they themselves do not believe the victim.

Unfortunately, I have to associate with an officer that loves to talk about rape reports and how “skanky, trashy, drugged out, angry, etc” the women are. How it was sooo obvious to him that they were “lying, drunk, getting revenge.” I hoped it was just him but when he brings his other officer buddies around they are all the same. These are the officers that many victims have their first encounters with.

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I would bet money that they never even got a chance to talk to a detective. It was probably whichever officer was at the station taking the initial report. In most areas, you talk to an on-duty officer who takes the report, then a detective will follow-up with you (often days or weeks later). The initial officer will grill you. They have minimal if any training in working with sexual assault victims.