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How do normal people help with this? As you said, the perpetrators all have the means to silence, harass or destroy anyone who tries and bring anyone to justice. These same people give money to local police functions, mayoral races, etc- they own the places in which they do their business. They own or have influence in media entities that will shift the narrative or in the usual case: don't even bring it up.

So again I would have to ask, aside from taxing these people to the point where they can't buy this type of lifestyle, what can we do?

Edit: didn't mean for this to come across as pithy if it did. I, like many others here probably, feel helpless and is if we are just designated to witness these things, without an avenue to channel our desire for change. We live in a society that is bought and paid for by these kind of people, aside from just staring at their biggest abuses or posting "epstein didn't kill himself" all day, I'm not sure what an average person can do.

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So I pay $5 for a pack of smokes, are they really that cheap aside from the stamp?

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I think individualism is why we have no avenues of action. Its good to an extent, but now that we as a collective see issues like human trafficking, we have zero social levers to pull if we are the average person. It sucks but we need the band together and push for things, easier to ignore 1 person than 100,000 people demanding justice. Hopefully people with the resources will use them properly but depending on a rich guy who exploited his workers to suddenly care about the working class is a fool's errand.

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Look at meg Whitman of California's governor race or even Mit in 2012, They both spent more money and lost. So I agree with you