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dontbthatguy290 karma

When I was a freshman in college a group of upperclassman had a board just like it called Drinko.

It got confiscated...

dontbthatguy227 karma

I have always wondered if there are any lost episodes or moments in Jeopardy? Perhaps a contestant questioning a ruling? Or getting angry with another contestant?

dontbthatguy31 karma

My school had a harsh no drinking game policy. It was horseshit.

dontbthatguy14 karma

I started watching for the humor but now watch for the actual news. Do you guys try to remain neutral? Or do you sway one way depending on what will be funny?

dontbthatguy7 karma

I have been to at least 5 fires caused by people throwing out their fire place ashes in a flammable container.