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I remember once I was at Wally trying to return something and the line was long at cust service. Of course only one cashier. A lady in line starts screaming at this poor kid to go faster and why aren't there more cashiers and he is being so slow, yada yada, until the kid was beet red and looking at the floor. Well. I am a 5'2" (157.48cm) woman who worked in retail for years in my youth. She was the customer I couldn't speak my mind to for years....I lit into her about how she shouldn't be taking it out on him and that it was a management issue, not his. She lipped off to me some then and then I said that yes, it was inconvenient, but that she didn't have to be a b*tch to someone who had no control over the situation. Total silence from her finally. Every single person in line smiled at me or gave me the thumbs up. I thought the kid was going to kiss me when I got up there. I felt like I had a cape on.

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In retrospect, what would you not have done on your saucy journey?

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Your scars are beautiful! They tell your story, as difficult as it is. You sound like you are still a positive person given all the difficulties you've faced at your young age. How did you keep going when the days were very hard?

I hope that you are able adopt all the babies you want in your life. You are a special person and deserve to spread your love.

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I feel like your mom did what she did for both you and your family's survival. By allowing 5 minutes to cry, then move on, she didn't let any of you (especially you) fall into an unending horror of depression. I think you all should be commended for your strength and fortitude.

What about a go-fund-me to raise funds to help you adopt? Given your story and your history along with the gajjillions of kids up for adoption around the world that there would be many that would help you make that dream a reality. Good luck to you! Please post again with updates!

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I believe in the thread I read that you are now married. Do you have children and if you do, how has what you've been through affect the way you parent?